NCGrowth is a university center that helps businesses and communities create good jobs and equitable opportunities through applied research and technical assistance. Since 2012, NCGrowth has helped to create hundreds of jobs and worked with more than a hundred clients.


NCGrowth-SmartUp is an award-winning applied economic development university center with a goal of directly addressing inequality, poverty, underemployment and other factors that keep people and communities from reaching their greatest potential. NCGrowth’s team includes expert staff across the Carolinas, academic advisors from multiple universities and hundreds of local partners. Together we are transforming communities by (1) providing technical support to promising businesses so they can grow, hire more people, and create wealth; (2) helping towns/counties/tribes create robust local economies with equitable opportunities for residents; and (3) providing policymakers across the U.S. the tools to learn how to achieve success. Learn more at

NCGrowth-SmartUp is part of CREATE, an economic development research center at the UNC Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise working to tackle the problem of severe and increasing wealth inequality by generating shared economic prosperity through a combination of research, data analytics, homegrown interventions and policy development. Learn more at

Services Provided

Economic and Site Development

  • Economic Development
  • Economic Forecast
  • Revitalization

Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Demographic and Census Data
  • Diversification
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Identification and Research of Foreign Markets
  • Market Plan Development
  • Market Research

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Budget, Financial Statement and Cash Flow Training
  • Revenue Based Financing (i.e. factoring)

Human Resources, Workforce and Talent

  • Policies and Templates
  • Retention
  • Workforce Incentives

Internship Programs and Student Services

  • Student Research Projects (Specialty)

Libraries and Research

  • Business Research Resources
  • Company Data/Prospect Lists
  • Demographic/Census Data
  • Industry Data
  • Lifestyle and Psychographic Data

Manufacturing, High Tech, Life Sciences Development

  • Technology Transfer

Marketing and Sales

  • Advertising/Brochure Design
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Demographics/Census Data
  • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets
  • Market Plan Development and Training
  • Market Research
  • Student Marketing Projects
  • Website Development

Nonprofit and Social Enterprise

  • Accounting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Services

Operations and Logistics

  • Freight and Distribution
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Quality Improvement (Supply Chain, Six Sigma)

Starting a Business

  • Feasibility Studies

Technical Assistance

  • Website Development

Accelerators and Incubators

  • Accelerator
  • Incubator

Events and Community Building

  • Farmers Market
  • Neighborhood Fairs and Festivals
Contact Information
Elizabeth Basnight
300 Kenan Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27704