Personal Action Plan

Your Personal Action Plan is a free customized checklist of things you can do and the people you need to meet to move your business forward.

Starting and growing a business in the Sandhills Region is exciting, but we know that finding the right help when you need it can be overwhelming and frustrating.

So, right now, this is all about you: you and your next step toward business success.

  • No cost to you
  • Fully customizable
  • 60+ resource options
  • Hand-crafted
  • Online accessibility
  • Hotline assistance available

Let us help manage your stress!

This is your personalized checklist and guide on next steps you can take to push your business forward. Each plan is unique because each person and their business is different.

Nothing. It’s totally free. We’re here to help your business grow.

Your Personal Action Plan is a hand-curated, customized list of the next steps on your entrepreneurial journey. You’ll get your plan in 2-3 business days.

We want to make sure your Personal Action Plan is exactly what you need. We don’t want you wasting any time talking to an organization that isn’t right for your business.

We have 50+ resources in the Sandhills Region and we want to find the right one for your business challenges, your location, your industry and your business stage. The more you can tell us, the better and more targeted your Personal Action Plan will be.

We’ll add you to our email list, so we can check in to see how those resources worked for you and so you can stay connected with entrepreneurship in our region.

We don’t share your email with anyone. Ever. What you do with your Personal Action Plan—and the actions you decide to take—are completely up to you.

There’s no catch! We know small businesses are the engines of local economies and we’re doing what we can to continue to support our local business owners.

We aggregate requests made to our hotline and our website to find out what entrepreneurs need and where the gaps are in the Sandhills entrepreneurial ecosystem. (If we can’t refer you to someone, we know we have a gap in services.) We use that data to build programs and services to fill those gaps and better meet entrepreneurs’ needs.

No problem. Give us a call and we can create your Personal Action Plan over the phone: (910) 775-4655. We have real people who answer the phones Monday through Friday. We’re happy to address any concerns you have. We just want to get you connected to resources to help you along your business journey. Your business is our business.

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