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Events for the week of January 18 – 21, 2022

The events listed in this blog post will take place during the week of January 18 – January 21, 2022. Click the ‘Register here!’ hyperlink at the bottom of each event description to register for that event. If you would like to see what other events we have coming up, please...

Coworking Spaces – Find Your New Work-From-Home Location

It is no surprise that co-working spaces are emerging as society’s new favorite work location. These spaces offer collaboration between like-minded entrepreneurs & business personnel, [most offer] 24 / 7 access to the facility and its amenities, and an exciting work environment. In 2018, membership at co-working spaces across the nation

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Feature: Suzy Hrabovsky

Meet Suzy Hrabovsky. She believes that entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of the Sandhills region and has a passion for helping women and other disadvantaged people start businesses. The majority of Suzy's career has been helping small businesses and is now leading a team that creates programming to assist small business...